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Enterprise Architecture Planning

EAP is the process of defining architectures for the use of information in a business. In EAP there are 3 core areas (applications, technology & data ). They outline what is needed to support a business. An organization with an EAP would have an increased understanding of its business and eliminate costly complex interfaces between incongruent systems.

Microsoft SQL Server & .NET Framework
PeerLabs understands your investment in Microsoft Technologies such as Windows Operating systems ( Active Directroy), SQL server and IIS. That is why we are totally committed to developing Desktop and Web based applications using the Microsoft .NET Framework. This approach fosters the ability to have a single sign on environment where all services are authenticated from a single directory server. This solution reduces the need for multiple accounts and passwords, which leads to a more secure and effective system.

PeerLabs has an outstanding approach to managing your Oracle database on a variety of platforms. With our team of Oracle Certified Database Administrators, we can design, develop and manage both OLTP and Data warehouses with emphasis on disaster recovery and performance tuning.

Linux ( Open Source )
PeerLabs Open source strategy allows us to deliver industry standard applications to our customers, using a suite of Open source tools; Operating systems ( Linux ), Databases ( MySQL ) and web servers ( Apache).

The key to successful implementation and deployment of Technology is proper Education, understanding and using best practices from the Industry. If Technology is not properly deployed it can be complex and very expensive. Our Instructors have academic and professional credentials to deliver proper training so customers can be empowered. Instructors from PeerLabs have an advanced degree in Computer Science and over 10 years Professional experience.

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