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Today's businesses deal with frequent changes, mergers, acquisitions, new product lines, government regulations and deregulations: they require flexible, scalable and interoperable systems to support business processes and decision making ability. At PeerLabs we know the challenges, our passion is to deliver systems that support our customers using proven architectural and engineering software principles. We develop a strategic relationship with our customers to help them leverage information technology, so they can gain a competitive edge .

Software Architecture
Architecture Pronunciation:'är-k&-"tek-ch&r Function: noun  : the art or science of building;.   The definition according to websters generally describes a style, strategy or set of practices, it is applicable from Buildings to Bytes (Software). A software architect creates and implements solutions to address a particular need that requires computing services. It requires someone with a sound sense of business and technical strategy to envision the "right" architectural approach which should be interoperable, scalable and manageable. Technology has many types of Architecture that defines specific areas as it applies business functions.

  • Enterprise Architecture ( Infrastructure )
  • Service Oriented Architecture ( Application )
  • Corporate Information Architecture ( Database )

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